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culture desert radio Sep 06, 2023

What’s up desert dwellers? The 3rd broadcast of Culture Desert Radio has just been released into this sorry, dying world. Bleak enough for ya? Well, the good news is that we have  something juicy for all you freaks and weirdos.

Listen HERE or on your podcast provider of choice (not spotify). 

In this episode, we are continuing our What Makes Us Tick series, giving you a glimpse into the deranged mind of Leo Delightful. Leo will take you on a voyage through the ages, plumbing the depths of this repulsive and disgusting genre we call punk. He’ll dig into some staples from the ‘70s, mine for hidden gems in the ‘80s, skip the ‘90s almost entirely, and get wild with post-Y2K hardcore. 

The full track list can be found below. Please support the bands by buying their wares. 

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As always, Culture Desert Radio is brought to you from the Magic City: Roanoke, Virginia. Thanks for listening!




MNP - Mindecision / CONSEC - Powder Keg / PERSONAL DAMAGE - Prison Box / FLOWER CITY - The Serpent / HAUNTED MANSION - Your House Is Mine / NUTRITION - Out Of Time / DOGS - Here Comes My Baby / CÓDIGO NEURÓTICO - Las Malvinas / BRUX - Bullet / 偏執症者 (PARANOID) - 戦禍 (Senka) / DELETÄR - Un carton dans les mains / G.U.N. - Street Bait / SKITKIDS - Intro/Lycklig Idiot / AMDI PETERSENS ARMÉ - Anarki​/​Hierarki / PAGANS - Not Now, No Way / REALLY RED - Crowd Control / THE FALL - Psycho Mafia / THE CARPETTES - Small Wonder? / THE RATS - Broken Wire Telephone / GORILLA ANGREB - Der Skal Drikkes Mere End For / RUDIMENTARY PENI - The Horrors In The Museum / DEMOB - Teenage Adolescence / THE SAINTS - This Perfect Day / POST REGIMENT - Czarzły / KRUPTED PEASANT FARMERZ - Bear Named Dog / BLOODMOBILE - Drug-Related Death / VOID - Condensed Flesh / ANTHRAX - Exploitation / BEDBOYS - Pace Non Vuol Dire Solo Niente Guerra / DISCHARGE - You Take Part In Creating This System

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